D Chair series is updated

D Chair
We have updated the D Chair series.
The following parts were improved ;

D Chairシリーズをアップデートしました。

* The problem as regards the error indication "No room to sit here, try another spot." appears on some SIMs was solved to work properly.
* The problem of the shadows looking white against the dark floor was solved.
* The direction of the shadows, which was changed by touching on the shadow prim in the last version, can be changed through the dialogue.
* The depth of shadow hue can be changed to the degree you like through the dialogue menu.

・あるSIMで座ると "座れません" のエラーが現れる問題を修正しました。

Also we have created dark-colored wood texture version of the chair just as some of our customers wanted us to create.

D Chair - Dark
We are now going to send the up-dated version of this to those customers who have bought the old version, so please wait patiently for a while.
We have a darker-color version, and if you would like us to send you a daker one, please let us know and we will send you the one you like.

D Chair - Dark

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